Europe’s Tea History

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The Portuguese and Dutch first brought tea into Europe in Quite a while only 4 years of age! Britain’s hit the dance floor with tea didn’t begin until 1662 when King Charles II wedded the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza. England’s new Queen had consistently cherished tea and carried with her, as a feature of her settlement, a chest of fine Japanese tea, which branches were cut with the highest quality Japanese scissors. She started serving the tea to her noble companions at Court, and expression of the fascinating Royal refreshment spread rapidly.

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Tea as a Status Symbol

As an imported extravagance, just the affluent could stand to drink tea. The most affordable pound of tea accessible expense the normal worker about a month of wages. The grand tea costs made tea exceptionally in vogue and elitist. The capacity to serve and drink tea with class and expertise checked economic wellbeing and showed great reproducing and keenness. With that in mind, numerous rich eighteenth-century English and Dutch families had canvases made of the family having tea. Even today, some camping materials are made from tea leaves, such as cover for road bikes Ontario, and many more.

The “Evening Tea”

Evening tea, still a well-known British establishment, is credited to Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, who griped of the long hole between a light breakfast and a late-night supper. To pacify her longings, she encouraged her servant to bring a pot of tea and light rewards to her room. Anna before long started to welcome companions to join her for evening tea…and the pattern spread rapidly.

The “High Tea”

High tea is especially something unexpected in comparison to Afternoon tea. High tea, however, it sounds more tip-top, is really a nineteenth-century average custom. High tea is served later (around 6:00 PM) and comprises a full supper feast for the commoners. High tea is served close by meats, fish or eggs, cheddar, bread and butter, and cake. High tea is all the more a man’s feast, while Afternoon tea is even more a woman’s social redirection.

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